My baby is no longer a baby

Today was the day I realised that I am actually a parent, a mother. My daughter started 1st grade today. And in all honesty, I thought that I was going to have to deal with a little panda crying on her first day – this was my usual experience with her over the years. But I discovered was that I had to deal with myself today.

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As I sit here thinking of what I want for the new year, for 2018, I am stuck. I found myself saying every year I want to reach my next goal, I hope to have more money, I want to find the love of my life (I’ll be waiting patiently for this one), I’m going to enjoy my year. I feel it’s all just the same damn thing I mut every single year. Then it leads to the next question: why do I always find it hard to find/reach those things?

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Let’s look at death beautifully

Have you ever thought of what your last moments would be like right before you die? If you’re asleep, would you just sleep and never wake up or actually feel your last breath? If in an accident, will you feel the bitter pain that lasts a minute, but actually feels like a lifetime, or just be gone?

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