Let’s look at death beautifully

Have you ever thought of what your last moments would be like right before you die? If you’re asleep, would you just sleep and never wake up or actually feel your last breath? If in an accident, will you feel the bitter pain that lasts a minute, but actually feels like a lifetime, or just be gone?

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When it can no longer be kept inside

Where do I even begin with what I am feeling at this very moment? With the amount of rage, hurt and anger going through me I am just furious. I just read a status update on Facebook of Laverne Hipp Khoi who expressed her outrage and as I went through the screenshot images that she posted the more I got angry, but at the same time felt hurt.

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So more than a week ago (or it might be more) the latest Don’t Drink and Drive ad came out and once again with a Coloured bang. – Remember a similar one that featured the Pollmoor prisoners? This one, once again features gang members sitting around a table playing ‘dominoes’ and drinking beer. One of the members walks in and whispers something into the other ones ear to alert him  of some sort of happening to which their next step is taking off with the rest of them and  jumping in the car wanting to leave. Now, in that moment where each realises they can’t drive, because they are too intoxicated. Watch the video below.

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